Radiant Heat To Warm Your Home

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If you hate walking on a cold floor in the winter time or suffer from allergens blowing around with the dust from your heater vents, you should consider some alternatives. After all, the best heating system is the one you don’t even realize is there, and a radiant heating system is just such a heating system. Radiant floor heating, Seattle, is growing in popularity, because it is practically invisible and is highly efficient in heating the house.

Radiant heat is a terrific way to heat your home. You don’t have to worry about radiators clanking away through the night, nor do you need to worry about vents whooshing air like a 747 about to take off. There is also no ductwork to worry about, just a blanket of heat right at your feet where you want it.

Radiant heat floor systems work by running hot water tubes or electric wires under the floor. These send heat up through the floor, warming up any objects they hit, which then radiate the heat for you to enjoy. The air temperature remains relatively constant, but you stay comfort because the surfaces you stand and sit on are warm and don’t steal the heat from your body.

On the other hand, a conventional heating system sends air baked to 120º F through the registers, which quickly rises to the ceiling and drops back down as it cools. You end up with the upper half of your body warm while the lower half of your body freezes.

Conventional heating also has a problem with cycling, where the furnace runs for a while then shuts off when it reaches a certain temperature at the thermostat. You’re left in the cold when the warm air shuts off, and you stay that way until the temperature at the thermostat falls back down below the threshold you have set.

With a radiant floor heating system, Seattle, you will enjoy constant temperatures no higher than 85º F, all throughout the day. The warm air rises from the floor, but in this case it rises in an even, consistent manner over the entire floor, so the coolest air is always at the ceiling. This way, you get to enjoy constant warmth without any cycling between warm and freezing.

Another benefit to radiant floor heating is the ease with which you can set up multiple, individual heating zones. Got a room that barely gets used? With the right installation, you can turn down the heat to that room and save on your heating bills. Somebody want one room to be warmer than the rest of the house? No problem! The ease with which you can cater a radiant floor heating system to individual room needs is unparalleled by conventional heating systems.

Radiant heating systems may be more expensive to install, but they are much more efficient and you will find them much better at keeping you warm. If you are building a new home, especially, you might want to consider a radiant floor heating system. However, even an existing home can be renovated with radiant floor heating by retrofitting your existing setup. This system will be up to 30 percent more efficient than the traditional forced air heating, depending on how well insulated your home is, and you’ll benefit from much better comfort levels in your home.


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