Choosing The Right Geothermal Heat Pump

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 11.25.51 AMAre you heating your home using any electrical appliances? If you are, like most of us, then you should consider getting a geothermal heat pump system.  Geothermal heat pump systems are incredibly energy-efficient. In fact, geothermal heat pumps provide more energy savings than any other heating appliance and provide effective heating in the mild to moderate temperature conditions. They also provide much more heating than their any other electrical counterparts.

Types of heat pumps

There are primarily three types of heating mechanisms available for heating your home. First, is air to air, the second is using water as a heat source, and the third is using the earth’s  heat as the heat source.  This last type of heating mechanism is also called geothermal heating. The way the heat pumps work is pretty simple. They collect the heat from different sources depending upon the type of heat pump and then push it inside your house. The heat pumps can also work in the reverse way to cool your house. They will collect the heat from inside the room and then push it outside. This will result in cooling of the room. If you are looking to buy geothermal heat pump Seattle, choosing a geothermal heat system is an excellent idea.

Geothermal pump installation

If you want your geothermal Seattle heat pump to work effectively you will need to make sure that it is installed properly by an experienced technician. For your geothermal pump to maintain its efficiency, the installation needs to be absolutely perfect. The size of the heat pump depends upon your requirements (heating or cooling requirements). To get the right installation of Seattle geothermal make sure that you understand your requirements well. A good understanding of the kind of soil and moisture conditions will also be handy.

Benefits of a geothermal pump

Geothermal pumps are far more effective and efficient than the conventional heating.  Geothermal pumps are especially more effective than air pumps in very cold climates.  They are also much less noisier than the traditional air pumps. The initial cost of geothermal pumps are pricier than the conventional pumps, but you will see a drastic reduction in your energy bills and over a period of time your money will be recovered.

A quiet heating system

Geothermal heat pumps are generally quieter than conventional furnaces, but even among geothermal systems there can be variation.  When choosing a system, buy a geothermal heat pump which has less than 7.6 decibels or lower of sound rating. The lesser the value, the less noise it will make when installed outside.  If you are installing a geothermal heat pump in the house which does not already have any heat pump installed you will need to get the ductwork enlarged. The duct size requirement for the heat pumps is usually greater.


Regular maintenance of your geothermal heating pump will ensure that it functions properly and efficiently for years to come. Regularly clean and lubricate the motor (at least once in a year). Also, to make sure that there is enough flow of air for normal operations, you should inspect your vents and ducts annually. Fan speed should also be checked from time to time. Incorrect speed can result in undesired performance.




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