Tips On Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 1.55.42 PMIf you are planning to get a heating system for your home,  an air furnace is not the only option for you.  In fact, there is another option that not only helps you save energy but also helps you create a healthier ambiance at home.  Additionally, it also helps make your home more comfortable.  The technology involves heating of the house using the floor.  It is called radiant floor heating technology.

With radiant floor heating, your house gets heated via an installation on the floor and the heating distribution takes place from bottom to top (ground to up).  The radiant heating system gives you the same comfort as the air furnace but consumes much less energy.  It also does not produce noise as is the case with the air furnace.  The temperature is also much easier to control.  Even if you already have a concrete floor, you can still get the radiant heating system installed.  There are radiant heating mats available and they don’t even raise the height of floor.

Get informed before you get the radiant heating system installed.

If you are planning to get a radiant floor heating system installed in your Seattle home, it is advisable that you learn a few things about it first.  It is very important for you to understand the heating needs of your house first before you pick the right system for yourself.  Once you have identified the needs, the next task would be to understand how the radiant heating systems work.  When you are well informed about these two things, you will be able to communicate your needs more effectively to the seller.  In this way, you will be able to get the most suitable heating system installed in your house.  The best way to learn about radiant heating is through vendors.  Since the vendors wish to make a sale, they will be more than willing to help you with your questions.  You can also learn more about a radiant heat system by looking around the internet.

Find a qualified and professional designer and installer.

If you are planning to get the radiant heat system installed in your Seattle house, you would also like to make sure that you get the best bang for your money spent.  Therefore, it is of paramount importance that you hire an expert designer and installer for your house.  Your first job should be to find out more about the vendor from who you are purchasing the system.  You can do the referencing and ask for people who have already made purchases from that vendor.  You can also look up for the vendor feedback on the internet and read reviews.  A qualified designer will have complete knowledge of the radiant heating system.  He will know everything about the component and installation procedure.  He will also be able to customize the installation according to the heating needs of different rooms in your house as well as the local building and environmental codes.

Understanding the radiant heating system

A radiant floor heating system is embedded in the concrete of the floor. This means that it should be effective enough to radiate the heat through the concrete floor.   While designing the system, the designer should keep in mind whether you will use any additional floor covering, such as a floor matting, wooden tiling, or another cover.  The heating level should be adjusted keeping this in mind.  Additionally, the installer should know what part of the floor will not be used for heating.  For instance, if there is a cabinet kept over the floor, the floor area underneath it should not have the installation.  This will save you installation money and energy savings as well.


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